Why First Page web designs have a leg up on the competition:

Posted on : August 1, 2015

It was the summer of 2012 and “Smart Phones” had just exploded onto the scene.  At the time I was exclusively helping law firms with their PPC advertising.

First Page makes great mobile responsive web designs for attorneys

“I wanted my PPC customers to have great looking websites that worked equally well in small devices like cell phones.  But I couldn’t find a web design company who made great looking mobile designs.  To solve that dilemma, practically overnight I turned myself into a web designer for law firms.”

Three years later and responsive designs are now the industry standard.

Even Google states that they recommend responsive designs:  https://developers.google.com/webmasters/mobile-sites/mobile-seo/configurations/responsive-design?hl=en

To find out if your current website is responsive, we have built this nifty testing tool.  Just put your URL into it and see if it resizes according to the device size:   First Page Attorney Responsive Design Tester

Learning how to make web designs that look good was the easy part.  But keeping the code clean is a fine art that took a few years to get down.  Now I’m happy to say the majority of our recent web designs have zero coding errors.  To give comparison, pick your favorite web design company and test one of their websites in it.  You might be surprised how many errors are in their coding.

test any website for coding errorsYou can test any website through this URL:  Check Coding Errors

“Over half of my new clients come from frustrated customers of other web design companies who paid thousands of dollars for a design they later found out they did not own.”

First Page Attorney no contract services offered a la carteWe are happy to release all rights we have to the web design files upon payment in full.  This was a no-brainer.  I’m happy to offer all First Page services on a month to month basis with no contract required.  Of course my goal is to have you as a long term customer basically forever.  I don’t need a contract for that and am willing to bet if you try First Page you’ll want to keep us as your long term online solution for marketing and web design.

Many web design companies use platforms that restrict your access to your site.  This restriction puts you in a position of having to hire that same company for future services or start from scratch with a new company – like First Page Attorney!

First Page uses WordPress to build attorney websitesWe put our web designs on WordPress.  This platform is the most common CMS platform currently in use in the USA.  You will be given full admin rights to access your website through this platform.  You will even be able to create and assign admin rights to other companies you decide to work with (other designers, marketing professionals, etc.).



Before hiring your next web design company, ask them to answer these 5 questions:

  1. Will you own the design? Ask them to put it in writing!
  2. Will the new design be free of coding errors?  Check their portfolio examples!
  3. If you decide to hire them will you be stuck to a contract or can you fire them at some point?
  4. Will the new design be on a proprietary platform that only they control or a common platform like WordPress?
  5. Can you have admin/owner access to the website?