Over 70% of PPC advertisers quit after less
than 3 months. Why?

If you’ve never done any PPC marketing, please keep in mind that advertisers who try for the first time will often experience a high failure rate.

The good news is the mistakes the vast majority of these advertisers are making are obvious and are easily correctable.

For the few advertisers who get it right, they can enjoy incredible success. And whereas over 70% of advertisers are quitting after less than just 3 months, our PPC customers are over 90% still with three years later.  


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Exclusivity – We work with just one law firm type per area

Our PPC marketing management is on an exclusive basis of one client per practice area per area. If we take you on as a client, we won’t take on another client offering the same service in the same area you are advertising with PPC.

Are you a current or past Adwords Advertiser?

SPECIAL OFFER: If you are a current or past Adwords advertiser we would be glad to go into your campaigns and give a 15-minute evaluation of where things can improve.

You can email your Adwords customer ID # and we’ll send you an invitation to allow us to see your campaigns.

Or we can even do the evaluation right over the phone.

We’ve never seen an account yet, even those that are being professionally managed, that couldn’t be significantly improved in at least one area.

The free evaluation will just give you an idea what we would do if hired.

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PPC can be a short term answer to gaining new clients.

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